Meal Planning

What's for Dinner?

The dreaded question spoken in many households (even periodically in mine.....)

I understand that figuring out what to eat can be a challenge (especially if you have special dietary needs or picky eaters in the house).

Wouldn't it be nice to have a weekly plan complete with a shopping list for all the recipes so you know exactly what you need to buy? 

How great would it be to have a plan tailored to you and your families needs so that you don't have to stare at a recipe trying to figure out how to make it work for your family? 

Well now you can!

I am super excited to be adding meal plans to my services!

My meal planning service includes: 

1. A thorough meal planning assessment which provides me the opportunity to get to know your needs. I can help with meal planning for one or accommodate the needs of the whole family!


  • We will discuss likes, dislikes, and dietary preferences like Paleo, gluten free or dairy free. 

  • Identify tools that you use most in the kitchen and that make cooking easier for you like slow cookers, pressure cookers, a blender, grill etc. so that recipes can include these items. 

  • We will talk about how much time you actually want to spend making dinner and more!

2. Up to four weeks of personalized meal ideas, recipes and a shopping list to meet your needs,  all wrapped up in a beautiful PDF format that is easy to print

3. Weekly email check ins to see how your previous week's meals worked for you so that I can make changes (if needed) and improve the following week's meals. 

Please note: meal planning services are not designed for the needs of those that need clinical/medical nutrition therapy (nutrition for the management of a health condition like IBS, IBD, autoimmune conditions etc.). 

"Working with Marissa was a delightful experience. She asked all of the right questions to understand our needs. Marissa delivered timely recipes and meal options. I highly recommend Marissa's services."

- Ruth P. Colorado

Want a Sneak Peek?

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Chicken Shish Kebab
Free Sample Plan

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