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Let's Talk Coronavirus

Let's talk Coronavirus, shall we?

As a healthcare practitioner, I have been getting asked from family, friends, clients and coworkers how I feel about the virus and what actions, if any I am taking.

I'm seeing a lot very black and white responses to this situation, some feel like "eh, it's just a virus" and they are going about their business to the other side of things where we have people over buying/hoarding all kinds of necessities (and let me tell you, after just having gotten home from a grocery trip, I feel like I'm watching doomsday, Y2K prepping all over again).

Here is my stance. Do I think people shouldn't worry and do nothing? Absolutely not! Do I think all this over buying/hoarding is insane, absolutely yes!

Here's the thing I want everyone to think about, the minute you go out and buy your 30 bottles of Lysol, bleach, hand sanitizer, whatever it is....you are removing the opportunity from 29 other people/families to be able to take preparedness actions, which in my opinion, means ultimately you are potentially contributing to the spread of this virus. PLEASE, please, please only buy what you actually need and leave some behind for others!!

So, what am I doing personally? As an individual that would be considered at risk since I have autoimmune disease, am married to a person with asthma and have a close family member currently in her fight with breast cancer, I assure you I am not taking it lightly but I'm not panicking either.

While hand washing has always been a standard in our household (thanks mom for drilling that into me!), we are doing more of it - like after we pick up the mail, bring in a package or handle money. I’m being very mindful to not touch my eyes, nose or mouth as the CDC has recommended.

I usually wipe down or spray our doorknobs and light switches periodically, a couple times a month. I am now wiping them down daily and/or after one of us gets home from being out in the public. I’m also wiping down things like my phone and other electronics, my purse (from sitting in shopping carts) and the inside of my Jeep (like the steering wheel, inside door handle and gear shift, areas that I touch after getting in from shopping).

We are removing shoes in the garage and not wearing them in the house (which has always bugged me anyway but sometimes we would forget; no forgetting now!).

We are eating the same as we always do – focusing on whole, nutrient dense foods (with an extra focus on vitamin C rich fruits/vegetables), probiotic/fermented foods and drinking plenty of water.

We are doing our best to make sure that we are getting enough sleep since lack of sleep can become a stressor for your immune system.

We are making sure to not miss our supplements, things like our multivitamins, extra vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D and probiotics.

I’m also an essential oil user and so I am diffusing oil blends like On Guard in my home.

The takeaway from this long post?

Please take some preparedness actions but please don’t go crazy, think about others that are trying to take action too. No matter the situation, we are stronger when we come together vs when we put only ourselves first.

Carry on……..

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