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Variegated foilage and praise
praise and testimonials


"Working with Marissa has given me a life!"

"I am 45 year old mother, work full time and have Sjogren's Syndrome. For years I have suffered with dry eyes and mouth, fatigue so bad that  I was needing to sleep 10 hours a night and still need a nap during the day, severe constipation to where I was only going twice a month and I needed to lose weight.

Working with Marissa has given me a life! Now I have energy; my fatigue is gone! My eyes and mouth are not nearly as dry as they were. My constipation - gone! My cravings for sugar - gone! I am no longer missing out on life and playing with my kids and I have lost 56lbs!! Marissa has taught me how to change my eating habits for the better, for life.


I tell everyone about Marissa. She is a wealth of information and resources and I loved having access to her and her support at any time through out the program. 

How much is getting your life back worth to you? Doing her program was worth it to me!"

- M.R. Greeley, CO

"I have my life back!"


"When I began working with Marissa I had lost a lot of weight, my IBS was ruling my life and I had no idea what to eat that wouldn't make things worse. I felt like I had tried everything and I was desperate to get my life back."

"After visiting with Marissa, I could tell that she cared and I liked the fact that she truly understood what I was going through so I decided to work with her. It has been the best decision I have ever made." 

"Through our work together she has helped me to discover the true causes underlying my IBS and has helped me to figure out a diet that works for me and my body. I have put weight back on and I have my life back. I am able to travel now and visit family and I can actually enjoy food again. "

"I can't express how grateful I am!"

- S.K. Washington

"I have had the best experience working with Marissa!"


"I have learned creative and healthy recipes, incorporating some of my favorite foods. More importantly, some of the health issues I was experiencing have gotten increasingly better. Marissa is extremely attentive and helpful, and very responsive to any questions. She tailored a plan that not only fit my likes and dislikes, but addressed my health issues and fit my lifestyle and schedule! Can't recommend her enough!"

-Hannah F. Greeley, CO

quote bubble review

"Extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and the impact it has on the body  and chronic health conditions"

- D.M. Colorado

quote bubble worth the money

"I have spent a lot of money over the years on various practitioners but this  (working with Marissa) is the best investment I have made thus far"

- L.S. Colorado

quote bubble feel good

"I had forgotten what it felt like to feel good.....Marissa is such a blessing and always there for me. She has walked in my shoes and understands all aspects of auto immune diseases. 

If you want to learn how to help yourself, contact Marissa!

- Debbie R. Greeley, CO

changed my life quote bubble

"Working with Marissa has completely changed my life. There were days when I honestly thought I would fall into a coma while driving or walking. Super dangerous! I could not keep up with life itself and everyday it seemed like I had to drag myself out of bed every morning. I had terrible insomnia and couldn't get myself to sleep without the use of sleeping aids." 

"Now my life has completely changed, I have been caffeine free for 3 months now, I'm eating whole foods, I have no more episodes of low blood sugar and low blood pressure, my hair is growing back and no more gray hair! Learning how to use whole foods to heal my health issues has been a long journey but I can say that it is because of my work with Marissa that I am able to finally realize my dream of starting a family. Thank you!!"    




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