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Low FODMAP Fix™ 

Say Goodbye to Your Digestive Struggles

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Do you suffer from ...

  • Gas

  • Bloating

  • Abdominal Cramps

  • Diarrhea

  • Constipation

  • Combination of Symptoms 

Are you tired of ...

  • Digestive problems causing a negative impact on your daily life?

  • Struggling to manage your digestive symptoms?

  • Feeling drained from attempting to self-diagnose your digestive issues?

It's Time to Stop Suffering!

And Banish Your Digestive Discomfort For Good. 

The Low

Therapeutic Nutritional Approach

In just one week, 78% of those suffering from IBS see results with the Low FODMAP Diet.

FODMAPs are ...

  • A group of carbohydrates found in many different types of foods fermented by bacteria in your digestive system.

  • If diagnosed with IBS, you can have a low tolerance for FODMAPs, causing an onset of unpleasant gut symptoms.

FODMAP is an Acronym 

Oligosaccharides (fructans and
   galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS))
Disaccharides (lactose)
Monosaccharides (fructose)
Polyols (sorbitol and mannitol)

IBS Sufferers

  • Are not sensitive to ALL FODMAPs 

  • 1 or 2 FODMAP types typically cause symptoms.

  • Intolerance within a FODMAP category usually stems from only a few foods. 


Low FODMAP Dietary Strategy

  • Pinpoint-specific food triggers

  • Decrease IBS symptoms

  • Manage symptoms long-term effectively

I have spent a lot of money over the years on various practitioners, but this  (working with Marissa) is the best investment I have made thus far.

The Low FODMAP Diet is for YOU if ...

You constantly have debilitating gut symptoms like bloating/gas, abdominal pain, diarrhea, or constipation.

You have plenty of Gas-X or Imodium in your purse, desk drawer, or car dash.

You never go anywhere without knowing where the restrooms are first.

You are currently eating only a few foods and STILL have symptoms.

You cancel plans with friends or family last minute or feel like you can't say "yes" due to embarrassing symptoms.

You have tried to determine what foods are causing your symptoms with little to no success.

You've tried implementing the Low FODMAP Diet on your own, but it was overwhelming.​​


Are you ready to get started on a path to better health? 


The Low FODMAP Fix

created by a
FODMAP-trained GI Specialist Dietitian/Nutritionist (me!)

designed to take you from feeling 

 thinking what to eat

to easily and confidently implementing

The Low FODMAP Diet

and effectively manage your
IBS symptoms once and for all.


Pick The Option that's Right For You

and start enjoying a healthier, happier you!

1-on-1 Counseling

3-Month Support & Counseling with a 
FODMAP Dietitian


Self Paced Online

Self Paced
Online Program 



The Low FODMAP Fix is ... 

RESOURCE-RICH, guiding you from learning the basics to successfully navigating all three stages with

 Sanity Intact!

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You will learn ...

  • If the Low FODMAP Diet is right for you

  • What FODMAPs are and their food sources.

  • Understand how FODMAPs create symptoms.

  • The different stages of the Low FODMAP Diet.

  • How to implement the elimination phase of the Low FODMAP Diet. ​

  • What underlying conditions could be contributing to your symptoms

  • Tools that help with addressing IBS flares.

  • Why the Low FODMAP Diet is important.

  • How long you should stay on it.

  • How to make a meal plan.

  • How to easily cook a meal.



  • Detailed instructions on how to calculate the FODMAP load. 



  • Detailed, specific guidelines for each type of FODMAP.


INTERPRET your FODMAP Challenge Results

  • Personalize your diet for the long term.

Don't MISS
OUT !!!

The Low FODMAP Fix
A Proven Solution to Your Digestive Woes


1-on-1 Counseling offers ...

  • Hand-held, 1-on-1 support

  • Navigate through all 3 phases of the Low FODMAP Diet

  • 3-month time commitment

  • Nutrition Counseling with Marissa - a Monash-trained FODMAP Dietitian


  1. ​​Unlimited visits tailored to your needs

  2. Unlimited messaging between visits 

  3. FODMAP Friendly:

    • Meal plan ideas

    • Recipes

    • Product ideas

Marissa took the time to explain how my diet may affect my quality of life. Initially, I was overwhelmed with the information I was researching regarding implementing the LOW-FODMAP diet. Marissa walked me through the steps of how to determine which foods are not “gut-friendly” (for me). I set personal wellness goals with her assistance, which we reviewed monthly. During our meetings, Marissa was always enthusiastic and encouraging. My quality of life has improved tremendously because of her guidance and support.

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What's Inside the
Online Program?

  1. Digital Online Course

  2. Six (6) lesson modules

  3. Instructional videos per module 

  4. Downloadable course content - PDFs, guides, recipes, etc.

  5. Set your own pace - works with any schedule.

  6. Clear, guided steps to help you navigate each stage of the diet.

  7. "Quick Start Guide To Meal Planning"

  8. Comprehensive Food Lists

  9. A "How To Read Labels Guide"

  10. Troubleshooting Checklist

  11. Access to the course for one (1) full year.

  12. "Fiber Without FODMAPs Guide"

  13. Detailed, 14+ FODMAP Challenge Guidebook & Foods List.

  14. "Calculating The FODMAP Load Guide"


  1. Any future course updates.

  2. Traveling Diet Success Tips

  3. Eating out/On-the-go Tips & Tricks

  4. Tips for dealing with IBS Flares

  5. 60+ Dietitian Approved Recipes (including vegetarian/vegan)​

Peek inside The Low FODMAP FixTM and see for yourself what it's all about.

Low FODMAP Fix TM course

My passion lies in helping as many people as I can effectively manage their GI health and digestive symptoms by understanding the Low FODMAP Diet and how it can help. I saw a lack of resources, guidance, and support for the diet, which is why I created this program.  To educate and help you succeed with the diet and overcome feelings of discouragement and overwhelm

Wishing you good health!

Because I am now aware of foods that are not gut friendly for me, I am able to participate in activities of daily living without always having to take an Imodium before I leave the house or needing to know if a restroom is available.

Don't Wait

Experience a life free from the distressing symptoms of IBS without compromising
on anything.

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   Our #1 GOAL  

Help you manage your IBS effectively
and be

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The Low Fodmap Fix ... Say Goodbye to Confusion and Uncertainty

  1. A CLEAR and ACTIONABLE Plan to Identify Your IBS Triggers.

  2. A Succinct List of SAFE Foods to Eat and Avoid.

  3. A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE to Help You Manage Your IBS Symptoms.

DOUBLE the Convenience DOUBLE the Options


1-on-1 Counseling

Support & Counseling 

FODMAP Dietitian


Self Paced Online

Self Paced
Online Program 


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