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Mentoring & Support

Transform and Elevate Your GI Services

Coaching for
Dietitians | 


Private practice can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with new and complex client cases in GI health. 

GI Dietitian with 18+ years of experience

  • MENTOR and SUPPORT for dietitians and nutritionists who want to dive into a functional nutritional approach for GI disease and disorders.

  • Marissa SHARES and TEACHES from her years of experience to help you grow your private practice and enhance clinical skills in the world of digestive health. 


Clinical Support

  • Case Reviews and Support to create your personalized treatment plans and protocols.

  • LEARN how to get started with Functional Lab Testing.

    • ​Which ones to run, when, and how to interpret them.

  • Supplement Use:

    • What to use, when, and more.

  • Mentoring Sessions:

    • Over the phone or via video conferencing  |  60-90 minutes

    • Time depends on the following:

      1. Initial case review

      2. Follow-up 

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At some point, we all experience the feeling of not knowing what we are doing

—even experienced practitioners.


  • As needed up to once a week.

  • Get support/questions answered on cases between sessions.

It is NORMAL to feel LOST and UNSURE of where to START.


Rates & Pricing

  • Initial case reviews | $245/90 minutes

  • Follow-up on previous case | $165/60 minutes | $85/30 minutes

  • Discounted monthly package | $535

    • Perfect if you already have multiple cases to review

    • 4 hrs/month

    • May be used for case reviews and follow-ups in any combination up to 4hrs.

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As your business expands, it becomes crucial to establish a proper strategy to handle your client's specific requirements and personalized services effectively.

Let's Connect


  1. Let's CHAT. 

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  1. You are ready to take your GI services to the next level.

  2. Book your initial consult TODAY.

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