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Micronutrient Testing

Are You Getting All
The Nutrients You Need?

What are

VITAMINS and MINERALS are necessary for us in small amounts.  Nearly all physiological processes in your body depend on Micronutrients for optimal performance.


Vitamins, Minerals, & Antioxidants KEY Roles

  1. Producing and releasing energy.

  2. Strengthening the immune system.

  3. Reducing systemic inflammation.

  4. Protecting against free radical damage.

  5. Maintaining a healthy hormonal balance (i.e. thyroid, sex hormones, adrenal hormones, neurotransmitters/brain hormones, etc.).

  6. Maintaining insulin sensitivity.

  7. Slowing down cellular aging.

  8. Promoting the health of all tissues: skin, bone, brain, breast, gut, prostate, heart, muscle, organs, etc.

  9. Protecting against the development, progression, and recurrence of cancer.


Why Test For

Benefits of EXTRACELLULAR Testing

  1. Identifying baseline nutritional deficiencies.

  2. Detecting higher than normal levels of vitamins and minerals in your blood.

  3. Identifying excesses of nutrients caused by supplementation.

  4. Avoiding unnecessary spending on costly supplements.

  5. Providing a short-term nutritional status of the last few days.

They are ...

  • Free-floating in your blood.

  • Exist outside your body's cells.

  • A static measure of what's in your blood.

  • Dependent on your short-term intake of supplements or diet.

  • Direct assessment of your baseline micronutrient levels.

Cellular Micronutrient

An important step in maintaining and promoting the optimal functioning of all your cells.

 Factors affecting nutrient Absorption  

  • Genetic abnormalities

  • Tobacco and alcohol use

  • Types of foods eaten

  • Various medical conditions

  • The health of the gut:

    • Parasitic infections

    • Dysbiosis

    • History of intestinal or stomach removal/resection.

  • Prescription medications

Benefits of INTRACELLULAR Testing:

  1. Identifying functional deficiencies in intracellular micronutrient levels (cellular nutrient absorption deficiency).

  2. Identifying essential micronutrient absorption deficiencies which cause or increase the risk of chronic diseases.

  3. Providing a long-term nutritional status of the previous 4-6 months.

  4. The micronutrients that are absorbed by your circulating white and red blood cells.


When your gut is constantly inflamed, even simple tasks like bending over to tie your shoes, walking around the house, and exercising are pure misery. Now I can do all those things without any pain or discomfort.

Why Choose

  1. Standard test results don’t measure if the nutrient is properly functioning within the body.

  2. It can reveal your functional nutrient status over a longer time period than conventional serum testing.

  3. Give a more meaningful measurement of nutritional status than all other nutritional testings available on the market.


My life has completely changed. I have been caffeine free for 3 months, and I'm eating whole foods. I have no more episodes of low blood sugar and blood pressure; my hair is growing back, and no more gray hair! Learning how to use whole foods to heal my health issues has been a long journey, but I can say that because of my work with Marissa, I can finally realize my dream of starting a family. Thank you!!

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