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Digestive Health Dietitian and Nutritionist helps manage GI conditions, IBS, food sensitivites, autoimmune conditons


Focusing on the whole person and not just a diagnosis

Marissa Mekelburg MS, RDN, CLT, HHP 
Digestive Health Dietitian/Nutritionist specializing in the personalized nutritional management of GI conditions such as IBS, food sensitivities and autoimmune conditions. 

New to the Low FODMAP diet and not sure where to start? Get your free Quick Start Guide to Meal Planning here

Wholistic Works is .......

Wholistic Works, LLC is a clinical nutrition practice based in Colorado. It is a place for those that are seeking a "food as medicine" approach for their health concerns and are desiring to work with a supportive, experienced practitioner who will address the whole person and not just the diagnosis. 

Founder Marissa Mekelburg is a registered dietitian and certified LEAP therapist who specializes in functional nutrition therapy which addresses the underlying causes of health issues and looks at the way food affects the human body at a physiological level in order to restore balance. 

Functional nutritional therapy with a food as medicine approach.

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Awarded Best of 2019 Nutritionist Award

Super honored to be awarded the Best of 2019!


So grateful for my clients and those that support my private practice! Thank you!!!

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